The Land - Shell Creek Plantation


SHELL CREEK PLANTATION is one of the most accomplished properties in the country. It is nationally respected for its cattle operation, grasslands, architecture, hunting programs, and aesthetics.

Quite Possibly the Perfect Combination of Ranchland and Wildlife!

This area of Prairie Bluff has been desired for its grasslands since the Creek Indians used it for their horses. It has some of the best grasslands in the state, comparable to Texas and Central Florida in quality. The farmland here once produced so much cotton they wanted to make it the state capital!

Broker's Comment

Shell Creek is an ideal cattle ranch conversion. It is one of the largest contiguous plantations/ranches in the state. It is primarily old fields and with over $1M in timber assets and 1200 acres in CRP which we are told can be taken out, this is a fine candidate for a full cattle conversion.

  • By most accounts, Shell Creek is one of the largest contiguous plantations in Alabama
  • 96% of the 4,000± acre plantation is productive uplands.*
  • The plantation has operated a successful income-producing cattle operation and has a wealth of timber resources.
  • Some of the best grasslands in the State; comparable to Texas and Central Florida in Quality.
  • Area of Prairie Bluff produced so much cotton it lost by one vote to be the capital of Alabama
  • Over 8 miles of high banked creeks and Seven Lakes/Ponds, Including a 30 acre lake
  • The balance of land is already in old fields and requires minimal timber removal for replanting the fields
  • Barns, employee housing, roads (40 miles of improved roads, mostly gravel) are already in place
  • 5,000± sf antebellum-style classic revival main house, with complementing offices, and guest houses are Architectural Digest quality.
  • Apx $1.45M in timber per the 2012 timber cruise and 1200 acres currently in CRP but which we understand can be taken out.
  • The grounds are impeccably manicured for horseback quail hunting and consistently hold 150+ coveys. There is both a wild and preseason quail program.
  • Shell Creek is widely regarded as One of the Top Three Quail Plantations in Alabama
  • It holds more prestigious titles in the quail and bird dog world than almost any modern shooting property.
  • One of the largest privately held ranches in Alabama, and one of the only ones on the market!
  • There is a wealth of wild game including excellent whitetails, turkey, and doves.
  • The grounds are well capitalized.
  • Located directly across from the Alabama River and Millers Ferry Lake/Lake Dannelly with 500 miles of shoreline for year-round family recreation.
  • The owner of over twenty years is a former coach at the University of Alabama and nominee to the Field Trial Hall of Fame.
  • It hosts three of the most prestigious field trials in the country.
  • Conveniently located in south central Alabama within twenty minutes of the jet ports in both Camden and Pine Hill, Alabama.
  • Less than a four hour drive to Atlanta, only two hours to Birmingham.

All of this is Now Available for $2,725 Per Acre With Timber & All Improvements

Shell Creek Plantation

Shell Creek is steeped in tradition. Its fertile black soils and native green pastures were a favorite of the Mississippian Culture of 1,000 A.D. and Chief Tuscaloosa and then later the Creek Indians. Established in 1815, the area known as Prairie Bluff prospered and during the height of the cotton production became a key shipping point on the Alabama River. In 1843, Prairie Bluff lost the opportunity to be the State Capital by one vote! As cotton, shipping, and commerce changed, the town disappeared. With time, the fertile grounds evolved into a recreational paradise. Quail thrived and quail hunting and bird dogs became ingrained with the culture. In 1969, the Alabama River was impounded and Miller's Ferry Lake/Lake Dannelly was built containing over 17,200 acres and 500 miles of shoreline. Today, the Prairie Bluff area is one of the most scenic country settings in Alabama and would be an ideal "off-the-grid" family property location.

Due to the high soil fertility of the area, the original homesteaders didn't need a large amount of acreage to provide for their families. As such, today, large acreage properties are still rare in this area. Over the course of time, many of these smaller farms were put together forming larger, contiguous tracts. History is not forgotten at Shell Creek Plantation and names such as the "George McCary Pasture" (with a standing 100 year old house), the "Fannie Davenport Pond," and "Bee Hives" remind us of an era gone by. Neighbors include the 2,000 acre Rosemary Plantation with antebellum house circa 1855, the 7,000± acre Henderson Family Farms, and the 6,000 acre Midway Plantation. Jimmy Hinton's 8,000± acre Sedgefield Plantation is a few miles due east. There is an immense pride of ownership shown on these properties. Easy to convert, mostly open country